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community art
arts alive banner 2007, "circle play" arts alive banner 2006, "electric rainbow" arts alive banner 2005, "landscape"  
arts alive banner 2004, "leaf detail" arts alive banner 2003, "two palms" arts alive banner 2002, "flowers of encinitas"  

selected recent works
earth dots 1 dots 2  
self portrait loopy portrait  
boxy woven    



rocket and other semi-realistic paintings
rocket rocket (detail)    
rocket side view I rocket side view II rocket side view III  
brain portrait I portrait II  

abstract geometric paintings, 2000 and earlier

artist's comments on abstract geometric paintings

gateway closed quadrilateral lattice open hexagonal lattice  
open hexagonal lattice I open hexagonal lattice II closed hexagonal lattice I open twisted lattice
random triangular I random triangular with sinusoids delaunay triptych delaunay triptych (detail)
growth I, II hexagonal grid with random triads patience patience (detail)
spheres of influence spheres of influence (detail)    
mini circles I mini circles II mini circles III  
concentric circular II circles I circles II circles III
illuminated art
tornado sit 'n stare    
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